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Maintenance & Interval Program - MIP

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Maintenance and maintenance programs are well known, as they are a vital part of the works that need to be done on a cigarette or filter maker. However, it is quite a task to organize all intervals, get the right people in, plan the material requirements and have all required parts at the machine in due course.

From material preparing in interval dependent packages that can be put to a machine to have all required parts straight available to packages plus services or pure services, with TMQS this is all possible.

And it is possible with a fully tailored approach. If required, you decide on the intervals and the works done. We will recommend just to avoid that vital works are forgotten. Final decision is yours.

With TMQS staff to do the supervision or the work, or only parts with your people working on it. The initial runtime of this program will be clarified in the beginning but can be extended if required. Plus: You will receive full lists of parts that are contained in each package. No hidden agenda, no black box.

● All customizable runtime and contents
● Parts fully described and detailed, full transparency
● Jointly defined contents, change over time possible
● Service during intervals fully customizable
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