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You got well running machines which shall undergo a preventive check. Or you got machines with issues, destined for an action plan to take place. Or there are machines which are planned in for modernization. Or, or…

There are a lot of reasons why you’d probably want an inspection done on your machines. And have a good idea of what this machine looks like once the inspection is done.

You will get a documentation which shows you the strong and weak points of your machine(s), a clear recommendation list on assembly groups and parts to be potentially exchanged/renewed etc.

And as a bonus, in case of a following maintenance, efficiency kit 85%, E-Kit or rebuild ordered for this machine, the inspection cost will be credited against that order.

● Inspection of machine with professional check list
● Report of parts/assembly groups to be exchanged or modified
● Maintenance interval program (MIP) possible
● In case of order maintenance, efficiency kit, E-kit or rebuild, inspection cost will be refunded.

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