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Spare parts

We constantly have the most important spare parts on stock to reduce downtimes of your machinery, when ever possible.

Our portfolio of more than 25.000 high quality spare parts for Hauni machines consists of the most modern manufacturing methods from well-developed materials, for low wear characteristics and minimized maintenance requirements, from specific machinery parts to electrical standard parts.

Their high quality standard is ensured by strict computer aided inspection of incoming parts without exception.

Constant innovation

● Quality technical improved parts
● Longer lifetime than the OEM part
● Approved by multinational tobacco companies
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Large product portfolio

● High quality mechanical, electrical, electronical and standard parts
● For PROTOS, MAX-S, KDF, KT cutters, HCF, Filtromat, Magomat
● More than 6.000 different spare parts available ex stock
● More than 25.000 different spare parts in the product portfolio
● Additional parts available on request
● Easy ordering - all parts marked with OEM and TMQS number
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Solutions for your components obsolescence

● Tailored made solutions for cigarette-, filter makers and other equipment
● Avoidance of costly full solutions if not required
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Guaranteed high quality

● High quality materials
● State of the art production methods
● Guaranteed compatible with OEM parts
● Strict professional computer aided quality inspection of all incoming parts
● Regular supplier evaluations
● Professional complaint management
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Many years of deep technical expertise

● Extensive know-how in OEM machinery
● Thousands of parts mounted and perfectly working in OEM machinery and own rebuilt machinery
● Size conversions for PROTOS, MAX-S, KDF and logistic machines
● Flexible overhauling of assembly groups

Competitive price-performance ratio

● Excellent cost - performance ratio
● Annual contracts with special prices
● Permanent supplier price evaluation
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