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Assembly groups

Assembly groups are a vital part of every filter or cigarette maker. Their function defines the final product and a sub-optimal setting can lead to inferior product quality. While a lot can be done with frequent maintenance, you will need a new subassembly at a certain point. Alternatively, you may want to get your subassembly repaired/overhauled in the most flexible, transparent way to have it back on track quickly.

For both possibilities, TMQS is your reliable partner. Both new and overhauled subassemblies are fully tested and come with a quality seal of approval plus guarantee.
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Our assembly groups services for Hauni machines

Subassembly repair concept / overhauling / maintenance
● Fully transparent
● Cost efficient
● Completely flexible
● From complete repair to delivery of exactly required parts, all is possible
● Professional measuring of components from disassembled subassemblies
● Report of status and recommended steps
● Customer decision on works to be done and parts included
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● Innovative concept details for improved running and longer life time
● Usage of most modern, novel materials for outstanding results
● Innovating customer related tasks for optimized results
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