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Update: Rolling drum and block

No. 1/2016
The rolling process of cigarettes within the filter assembler is one of the vital parts for manufacturing a good quality product. TMQS developed related machinery components in order to provide you with high quality parts that ensure the best possible basis for quality achievement. To be more exact we are looking at the rolling drum and the rolling block which are integral parts of the rolling process. The components can be retrofitted to any single rod Protos cigarette maker and to MAX-S.
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The TMQS rolling drum offers great quality with slight modifications and special tungsten carbide coating for a great price. It‘s got an extended life time and optimised characteristics. If required we will tailor the format exactly to your requirements, e.g. for usage of two formats without drum change or for specific drill patterns. The exchange can be easily done – no machine related changes are required.
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But there is more. The disassembly of the rolling drum is usually a time consuming exercise. A great option to save time and money for this on your well proven single rod Protos is the use of our quick release fastener. Contact TMQS for a retrofit of your rolling drum. It can be easily exchanged to any single rod MAX. The rolling drum does not need to be exchanged and you will save about 10 minutes for every cleaning process from then onwards plus you can clean the dirty drum under warm water instead of using a steel brush. All this for a great price.
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The TMQS rolling block is another big step towards an improved rolling process. It uses cross knurled grooves for an improved mid-section rolling of the cigarettes and to avoid wrapping faults as well as filter air pockets, bringing quality up by minimising rolling faults.
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This alone is a great achievement, but we took it one step further. We can offer you a variant which is entirely surface coated with industry diamonds, giving the rolling block a huge lifetime boost. And it doesn‘t cost a fortune. Forget frequent exchanges - bring some diamonds into play.
Last but most certainly not least, TMQS can offer you the rolling block at 4 o´clock position as proven and used in high speed machinery. We can offer you this solution for any single rod Protos line as retrofit.
Technical features
● Improved rolling drum with great value for little money
● Quick release fastener lets you save big time on your existing or new rolling drum
● Improved cigarette rolling by new rolling block
● Guaranteed 1:1 compatibility
● Avoiding dependency on a monopoly supplier
● Increased lifetime of rolling block by industry diamond coating
● Rolling block solution as installed on newest generation makers made available for proven single rod makers
● Available for all single rod PROTOS cigarette makers
For more information:
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