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Tipping testing at it’s best!

No. 2/2014

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The TMQS R&D engineers are pleased to present you our new laboratory unit: Quality Tipping Tester QTT 12

The QTT 12 is a cost saving laboratory unit for simulating the gluing of tipping paper. The glue roller process is identical to the well-known MAX filter assemblers.
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Test options are:
● Glue application quantity
● Glue application quality
● Spatter behavior
● Glue viscosity
● Paper absorptivity behavior
● Gluing process of wipe skip tip gluing
● Gluing process of print skip tip gluing
Technical features
● Configurable paper speed up to 12,000cpm
● Configurable gluing principle (wipe skip tip or print skip tip gluing)
● Garniture parts corresponding to the original filter assembler
● Silicon-coated glue pot for an easier cleaning
● IPC control of type Beckhoff
● Synchronous servo drives of type Beckhoff
● Synchronous drive motion control
● Touch screen operation
● CE-conformity for laboratory machinery
For more information:
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