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All new developed suction roller -
opt for the most advanced solution on the market!

Improved suction roller

No. 4/2017
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Dear Customer,

The shear-cut tipping unit is the most advanced variant for cutting tipping paper in a MAX. Within it, the suction roller forms an imperative part of the tipping paper cutting process.

TMQS has already developed an advanced suction roller with exchangeable cutting edges for a usage of sharp cutting edges for four times before a re-grinding has to take place. We took this concept and developed the suction roller further to provide the best solution available on the market to date.

In addition to the exchangeable cutting edges, the suction roller is now equipped with exchangeable plates that are optimised concerning material and flexibility. You will be able to use the suction roller as before - but you will experience a longer life time of the plates due to FDA approved coating for minimal friction and very high wear resistance. The newly developed bore pattern lets you use the roller for common formats without any changes and without adjustments. Cleaning of the bores has become much easier as well - just take the plates off and clean the holes or even re-bore them. Easy due to new bore angles.

And if you need to change the format in a more drastic way, you will only have to exchange the plates to fitting ones - even without taking the roller off the machine. All this without having to buy a whole new suction roller - the body is made of light weight material for an easy handling of the roller.

To keep the roller as clean as possible during operation, the scraper has been modified in shape and dimensions to cover more surface.

Contact us if you want to know more - we will be glad to provide you with a quotation for this most advanced solution.

Your benefits
● Usage of cutting edges for four times before grinding - adjustment free
● Usage of easily exchangeable plates working for common formats
● Special, FDA approved coating of plates for low friction and highest wear resistance
● Format changes by exchanging plates only - roller can stay mounted on the machine
● Improved scraper for better roller cleaning during operation
● Most advanced suction roller on the market
● Independent from OEM

Technical Features
Material code for the conversion is 1389-1-0-QFCA (content varies based on type of previous suction roller), the new suction roller as such is 1389 QFCA 3 F XM. Replacement for OEM rollers and previous TMQS suction rollers U1389 QFCA 1 & U 1389 QFCA 2.
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