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Primary consulting service (PCS)

No. 5/2014
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With immediate effect the TMQS product portfolio offers a new service. We would be very pleased to advise you on any of the following subjects:
● Cutting
● Expansion and drying
● How does one flavor correctly
● Storage
● Logistics for cigarette maker feed
● Logistics in the provision of tobacco
● Slicing
● Casing and conditioning
● Foreign body separation
We gladly support you with:
● Insufficient through put of your lines
● Too much dust formation
● Too much waste tobacco
● Insufficient reproducibility of tobacco blends
● Too large variations in the final moisture
● Stops of the production caused by missing components
Are you informed about the latest state of the art? Do ask us!
● Tobacco drying/- expansion
● Foreign body separation
● Stem conditioning without intermediate storage
We advise you independent from your supplier.
● New or additional production lines
● Automation of the existing equipment
● Spare capacities of existing equipment
For more information:
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