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Paddle wheels with an innovative manufacturing process

No. 2/2016
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Dear Customer,

success comes in manifold shapes and colors. In our specific case, it is visually dull and grey, but nonetheless the more helping you to reach your goals way better than a shiny, visually more appealing piece of metal.

For more than one year, TMQS uses a completely new manufacturing method for paddle wheels. We are the first in the market who sell paddle wheels manufactured by Selective Laser Sintering (3D Printing). By using a special material with an extra fine structure, the paddle wheels are already very hard and wear resistant after printing.

In order to improve the lifetime further, however, we treat the paddle wheels thermochemically which leads to a surface hardness that can be compared with hard metal.

Additionally, we have also improved the geometry at the cutting edges. This combination of improved design, extremely resistant material with high tenacity plus optimized thermochemical armoring produces an innovative high tech product. The specific manufacturing method does have another advantage – it is comparably easy to alter the geometry exactly to your needs. There is no limitation in making it fit to your very requirements – just let us know what you need.

With the first parts existing for about a year now, we have paddle wheels in the market that have already run several thousand hours of operation without showing significant wear.

In short - do not consider the optical view as the main criteria, but the lifetime and the flexible variants of the new paddle wheels. We are certain that it will convince and satisfy you completely.

Get in contact with us to get your own paddle wheel for further success.

Technical features
● All new, unique 3D printing manufacturing process
● Very long lifetime
● All kinds of shapes and variants possible
● Very attractive value to cost ratio
● Usable for all single rod Protos makers plus Protos 2, 2-2 and 2C

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