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leather strips

100% premium leather

No. 3/2016
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Dear Customer,

TMQS company has quality and non-expensive spare parts and there are leather strips for VE section among them. Leather strips are made of high-quality leather material that provides long working life in the machine. We guarantee good tear und wear parameters comparable with OEM and even longer. Order our spare parts and you will be positively surprised with our quality, life-time and price.

Technical features
● Guaranteed 1:1 compatibility with OEM spare parts
● Excellent value to cost ratio, save money for spare parts spend
● High quality leather raw materials
● Avoiding dependency on a monopoly supplier
● Available for single rod Protos 70/80/90/100 and M-generation cigarette makers

Replacement for the following spare parts
Q10349100N, repl. OEM 367929200000, 101DR113
Q16722000N, repl. OEM 378873300000, 1132DR2
Q10078200N, repl. OEM 381280400000, 1144DR18
Q10078300N, repl. OEM 381716400000, 1144DR19
Q17939500N, repl. OEM 101132100000, 44DRA83
Q17939600N, repl. OEM 100698900000, 44DRA84
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