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Improvement VE-Fan

No. 7/2014
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The Improvement kit for the VE-Fan consists of a pre-assembled fan with an improved cast iron housing as well as an improved impeller wheel and replaces the standard aluminium fan. Furthemore, the kit includes an additional support for a simple conversion of any VE 70 / 80 / 90 (with a small hopper and existing foot).

The improved fan housing in connection with the modernized open type impeller wheel demonstrates a robust and wear resistant combination, which has an extended suction air capacity and a minimized heat development. Impellers and housing are normally subject to a heavy wear and tear by tobacco dust as well as non tobacco related dust particles. Compared to the standard impeller, the TMQS fan has a significantly higher life time and therefore a fast return on investment of the conversion costs.

● Fast return on investment
● Optimized operational security
● Enhanced wear resistance and service intervals
● Avoids dependency on a monopoly supplier
● Reduced storage costs due to universal application in various machine types

Scope of delivery:
Pre-assembled fan (order no.: QBM1000329, OEM no.: 281 902 3 000)

Consisting of:
● Cast iron housing (Q002330, OEM no.: 652 099 5 000)
● Impeller (Q009336, OEM no.: 652 755 8 000)
● Conversion material (2-0-0-QDR)

Impeller and cast iron housing are also available separately
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