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Improved ledger drive

No. 2/2017
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TMQS is now offering a new improved version of ledger drive QBM 100225 902 1 N (drawing No. 5-902-1-QDS). This new version supersedes 5-901-1-DS. It is usable for all single rod Protos cigarette making lines.

The main differences to the former version are a changed crank pin and a modified titanium piston rod which have got an additional oil bore. With these, the bearing within the piston receives an improved cooling leading to a reduced wear of bearing, sealing ring and crank pin.

This solution is available for older (steel) and newer (titanium) piston rod and crank pin versions. For an improvement of the titanium version, less parts are required. You will only buy what you require. Measuring tools can be bought with this ledger drive.

Upgrading the ledger drive to the new version also gives the benefit of reduced spare part complexity, as the components can be used for every machine equipped with this new unit.

Let us know your current type of ledger drive and we will provide you with a fitting offer. The TMQS number is always QBM 100225 902 1 N. The variant will be defined upon your exact requirement.

Your benefits
● Fully compatible alternative to OEM version
● Remain independent from OEM
● Reduced wear and tear due to improved cooling and greasing, longer life time
● Only parts as required for each line will be delivered. No unnecessary money spend
● Reduced part complexity, standardisation of ledger drives in the machine base leading to
    less stock volume and less allocated stock values
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