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Improvements for longer life time

Improved bearing

No. 3/2017
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Dear Customer,

bearings that are used in the gluing unit are subject to comparably high wear and tear due to the aggressive nature of glue.

To tackle this situation and to provide a much improved version to the original one, TMQS has developed an all new bearing 46 QFA 38 XM which can be used in exchange to the previous version 46 FA 347 XM (which is comparable to the OEM version). The bearing is exchanged with the one built into the gluing unit and will be used instead of the OEM version. Once the improved bearing is installed, repairs can be done by exchanging only the small bearing N179603 which is contained within 46 QFA 38 XM.

Once you changed the bearing to the TMQS premium version, which is laid out for higher bearing load and which consists entirely of special stainless steel and therefore is longer lasting compared to the original one, you can easily repair it once it is worn out by using the relevant part N179603 instead of the OEM version F-202626 which will not fit any more (due to the improved design of the new TMQS part).

Your benefits
● Improved quality of bearings within the critical area of gluing
● Corrosion-resistant material for longer life time
● Excellent price / value ratio
● Independence from OEM
● For various Protos machines
For more information:
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