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Quality gaskets MAX

No. 6/2014
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So far, the market has been dependent on one supplier for the gaskets of the inspection drum MAX. This situation led TMQS to develop completely new gaskets. The result is a stronger design in relevant sections. Hence, through an optimized fitting accuracy an improved cigarette sealing at the inspection drum MAX has been achieved.

Long term field tests have proven an increased measuring accuracy at the leakage detection which has lead to a drastically reduced ejection rate. Moreover, the new gaskets also convince with their reduced wear characteristic and thus, with an increased lifetime. Enormous economical benefits do result.

Technical features
● Best fitting accuracy for cigarette sealing
● Low wear and tear
● Long life time
● Excellent price-performance ratio
● Improved measuring accuracy at leakage detection
● Reduced ejection rate
● Excellent saving potentials
● 1:1 compatibility guaranteed
● Avoiding dependency on a monopoly supplier
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