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Electrical rebuild with Beckhoff IPC

No. 4/2014
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You may have noticed that your production lines no longer achieve the efficiency. They used to when they are using old and obsolete electrical kits. To reduce your manufacturing costs and improve operating efficiency, the TMQS R&D developed new electrical kits with the Beckhoff IPC technology. Our electrical rebuild includes both the electrical kits as well as the pneumatics parts.

Technical features
● Replacement of the machine control system with Beckhoff IPC
● Replacement of all electrical and pneumatics components and integration of switch cabinets on the machine
● An integrated touch screen in the SE's operating panel controlling the entire line
● CIS (Cigarette Inspection System), WCS (Weight Control System) and MLP
    (Making Line Processor) supported by E-kits and connected with the EtherCAT bus control system
● For PROTOS 70, 80, 90, HCF, AF/KDF, RESY, Filtromat, Magomat, Comflex, GD X1 and GD X2
● Installation and commissioning on site within a short time by TMQS technician possible
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