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Conveyor belt

No. 5/2016
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Dear Customer,

Among different Key spare parts for VE on single rod or Protos M generations, the conveyor belt
U144DR78 (Protos 70-80-90 with small hopper), U1144DR49 (Protos 100, 2, 2-2 with big hopper) or U44DRA16 (Protos M5) plays a great role in tobacco processing and feeding.

These belts are available from TMQS and made of optimized and resistant components within a quality assembly process that provides a great alternative to the OEM offerings. TMQS keeps local stock in Germany for the clients with constant usage of the belts to reach shortest lead-time.

Technical features
● Guaranteed 1:1 compatibility with OEM spare parts
● Excellent value to cost ratio, save money for spare parts spend
● Avoiding dependency on a monopoly supplier
● Available for single rod Protos, dual rod (Protos 2 and 2-2) as well as Protos M5 cigarette makers

Replacement for the following spare parts:
Q00912100N, repl. OEM 258998200000, U144DR78 (Protos 70-80-90)
Q10052600N, repl. OEM 260430200000, U1144DR49 (Protos 100, 2, 2-2)
Q17940300N, repl. OEM 797944200000, U44DRA16 (Protos M5)

For more information:
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