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Conversion of obsolete main drive components

at PROTOS machines

No. 1/2017
Since quite some time, DC drives and the belonging amplifier „Minisemi“ as well as the tachogenerator were taken out of the active product portfolio by the relevant manufacturers. If any of these components fails this can result in a longer machine breakdown as a direct, standard part availability of the components is no more given.

Our solution

TMQS has developed a budget-friendly solution for these issues and can offer you the following, either specific to each component or as a total solution for avoidance of future obsolescence:
A: Exchange of the main drive
In this case only the motor will be exchanged with a new DC motor of a different supplier. Due to the slightly longer build of the drive, the cover in front of the motor is exchanged by a TMQS reworked version.
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B: Exchange of the Minisemi
A new amplifier will be built into the SE switch cabinet as replacement for the old one. Additionally, an eventually existing commutation inductor will be replaced. The built-in main drive and the tachogenerator can be used further.
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C: Exchange of the tachogenerator
The tachogenerator is exchanged with a new model. Please note: This exchange requires an exchange of the Minisemi (see b) as well. For the exchange, adaption parts might be required which are also delivered by TMQS. The old main drive is used further.
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D: Exchange of the main drive including Minisemi and tachogenerator
This is a combination of the contents described under a, b and c.
ATTENTION: With the specific measures described under a to c there are still components within the machine that cannot be exchanged directly. We are hence recommending to exchange all components of the drive to avoid future obsolescence.

Your benefits in our solution

● Avoid obsolescence for main drive components
● Available for Protos 70/80/90 and Protos 90S/100
● Choose from required components, no necessity to buy a full obsolescence pack if not necessary
    or wanted at the time of requirement case
● Independency from OEM supplier solution
● Fully compatible components
● Installation of components possible by TMQS technician
For more information:
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