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Format conversion kits

No. 2/2015
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Dear Customer,

You know us as a renowned supplier of globally installed and well accepted quality spare parts and assembly groups for tobacco machinery, but TMQS is certainly constantly thriving to develop further.

Within our portfolio, we would like to draw your attention to our very competitive range of format conversion kits.

Whether you need to switch to slim or super slim size or back to bigger diameters, change your filter length (and maybe switch from 4-up to 6-up filters or vice versa), change the whole cigarette length or any combination thereof – TMQS is ready to offer you the right kit at the right time at very competitive prices.

Give it a try and ask us for your required format change. You will be positively surprised about the value to cost ratio that we provide.

Technical features
● Outstanding value to cost ratio. Save money and reduce budget spends.
● Guaranteed 1:1 compatibility
● All format changes possible: Diameter (Super Slim is no problem), total length up to 120mm or short,
    tobacco rod length, filter length, filter split etc.
● Avoiding dependency on a monopoly supplier
● Available for AF2 / KDF2
● Available for all single and many dual rod PROTOS cigarette makers

For more information:
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