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Bearings that make a difference

No. 4/2016
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Dear Customer,

In the search for solutions that provide benefits to our customers, TMQS has now entered an all new and highly beneficial way for special bearings.

Two often required bearings, 46 FA 553 and 46 FA 554, are now available for ordering from an alternative source other than OEM. And these alternatives provide real benefits to the OEM versions.

The new bearings are manufactured with highest precision and with optimized materials. As a result, the sealing rings are highly resistant to corrosion and are not degraded by glue. Longer lifetime and safety of production are the consequence. Standard steel bearings are vulnerable to wear due to rust and glue. The TMQS bearings are made of stainless steel which leads to further resistance.

Try the bearings now – they will improve your machine reliability and save cost.

Technical features
● Stainless steel, no rust
● Improved materials – high resistance against corrosion and glue
● Longer lifetime
● Fast cost savings reached
● 1:1 compatibility with OEM bearings

Replacement for the following spare parts
46 QFA 36, repl. OEM 473 704 0 000 00, 46 FA 553
46 QFA 37, repl. OEM 473 705 9 000 00, 46 FA 554
For more information:
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