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Tube maker - Panther Line

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The market for cigarette tubes grows faster than the product capacities and technical capabilities of the currently offered tube makers. TMQS offers a high-speed line which stands out for its universal and holistic concept: the Quality Tube Maker and the Quality Tube Packer. This new high-speed line is outmatching all other machines in the market for product quality and machine efficiency. A major development objective was to reduce the final production costs at customer side.

Panther line function
● Make and pack 8,000 tubes per minute
● Single-rod maker
● Single-track packer
● Single-track massflow direct link, no logistic machines, no vertical massflow transport
● Harmonised Beckhoff-IPC control with optimised data transfer between make and pack
● Harmonised pneumatical and electrical standard parts
● Consistent production balance between maker and packer
● Single side operating and handling
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