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About us

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TMQS started business, selling Tobacco Machinery Quality Spares for Hauni machines in 2001. Ralf Glaubitt, owner and manager of TMQS, founded his business with a lot of enthusiasm and a small team of top OEM experts. Their high technical creativity, combined with many years experience and much dedication made TMQS what it is today.

Only since we started offering high quality spares - made in Germany - at reasonable prices, the monopoly of the OEMs on this market started breaking up. Excellent knowledge of machines and research in a network with engineering experts world wide, lead to improvements of parts and assembly groups, rebuild of machines and new developments. In 2011 TMQS moved into a spacious building safeguarding a fast on time handling of all orders and perfect service.

Our customers appreciate that our engineers feel personally responsible for fulfilling specific requirements exactly - budget friendly - nothing less, but at the same time nothing more and we are proud to hear in more than 60 countries around the world producers calling us their reliable partner.

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